Brooke Hyland’s Album Release – Aug 13th

Abby may have said Brooke is throwing away her dancing career to pursue singing but it looks like it is starting to pay off.  Brooke’s debut album is slated to be released on August 13th.  Song titles include, Summer Love Song, Hurt, and Brooke’s first on air single, What About Love .  Brooke and Dance Mom Kelly have been making radio appearances on the east coast promoting her new CD including on Star 100.7 Pittsburgh, and  Q101 Harrisonburg, VA.

The music video for What About Love was released on you-tube yesterday.

You can stay up to date with all of Brooke’s musical news at her official Facebook page The single is also available for download on iTunes

What do you think DMJs?  Is it going be a hit or should she get her butt out of the recording studio and back into the dance studio?

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