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lucas triana dance moms miami

Lucas Triana

Age: 10
(Twitter) | (Facebook)
Mother: Brigette Triana (twitter)

Lucas Triana has had a relatively short run as a dancer due to stopping for 3 years between the ages of 5-8 because he did not think dancing was cool for a boy.  This got him on a late start compared to other dancers who have been doing it non-stop, but he came back with a fury.  Since he’s returned, he’s been winning all types of competitions, including the title “Young Male Dancer of the Year”, and “Mr. Nexstar” at the national title in Myrtle Beach.

lucas triana with stylish hairNeedless to say, he’s not going to be on the show simply to lower the average age of the dancers at his studio *cough* Candy Apples.  Lucas is the real deal and already has quite a decent following considering he hasn’t been on TV yet.  255 fans on twitter with about 5 posts and a few retweets show the star power for him, especially when his series – Dance Moms: Miami – airs on April 3rd.

And his mother Brigette Triana?  She’s incredibly supportive of Lucas and his aspirations to become a dancer.  Obviously I know little of her personality, but with the passion she expresses on twitter, we can only hope for some excitement this season Dance Moms: Miami.   And to get a little peek at Brigette before the show airs…

lucas and brigette trianaAnd let me just say one final thing.  If he quit dance at 5 because he went to school and was picked on, I have a very strong feeling those same kids are going to be very envious of not only his fame, but the fact that he’ll be dancing with beautiful women his whole life while they’re wrestling with other guys in tights or football equipment.. just sayin….

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  1. I love you Lucas you are so cute I want to meet you that would be awesome !!!!!!!!!!! Did you ever compet aginsted dance moms Abby lee dance company ?? If you did who won

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