Season 3 Episode 30: Recital Rebellion Recap

“Is it going to be cray-cray?” – Kristie Ray anticipating her first recital with the ALDC.
You know it girlfriend.

This week featured the ALDC gang getting ready for their annual dance concert.  This year’s theme, “ALDC GOES HOLLYWOOD”.  Any coincidence with the fact that Abby has been spending so much time in LA lately with Abby’s Ultimate Dance Competition (AUDC) and the fact that she hinted in an earlier episode that she was looking at real estate for a studio in Los Angeles – Dance Mom Junkies think NOT!


Before we jump into that estrogen filled disaster, lets kick off with the pyramid this week.  At the bottom of the pyramid we had poor little Paige. (Anyone else have a soft spot in their heart for this future rockette?) Then came Brooke, Kendal, and Nia.  I thought Nia’s performance in “Gone Too Soon” was at least second tier  quality!  Leading off the second level we have Asia.  I can barely remember Asia’s dance from last week – oh wait that’s right, she wasn’t there last week!  This fact is not lost on the moms who chime in saying every time their daughters don’t compete they are luck to even be on the pyramid at all.  Kristie’s feathers fluff up and she goes on the defensive saying Asia was doing professional work for charity and was still attending classes wall traveling.  Shenanigans I say.

Next we have Chloe and Mackenzie Maddie.  Hold the phone! That means little Zeigler is on top!  You go girl!  After stepping up to the plate and finishing first in her division I think she certainly deserves it


Every single girl is assigned a solo for the recital.  Since the girls are participating in 15+ numbers EACH Abby allows the girls to do solos that they have performed in the past, except Paige.  Abby wants Paige to learn a new routine the day before the show.  Paige looks appears unsure but before she says anything Kelly launches on the offensive, saying that in “40  years of the ALDC no one has ever been given a new solo the day before the concert.”  (She would know – Kelly was a student of the ALDC herself as a child!)

This is where things get a little dicey/the editing gets a little poor on the part of Lifetime.  Suddenly we shoot to a scene where the girls and Moms are on the stage and Abby pulls Paige’s solo and then who asks who would like to learn a new solo, Maddie raises her hand.  This causes Kelly to again go into attack mode and resulting in Abby telling her to get off the stage and instructing for an unseen third party to call the police.  For the second year in a row the Brooke and Paige will not be performing in the annual recital. Brooke was even supposed to perform a single from her soon to be released album, “Summer Lovin”.

Now, what was shown on lifetime differs quite a bit from the youtube footage that we have of the same occurrence on the stage.  Click here to view the video.

The second repercussion of Kelly’s departure is that the girls are not able to participate in the Dance Track Magazine photo-shoot. All of the girls looked great but the  magazine chose Kendal to be on the cover!  Abby seems surprised and makes a snarky comment that if Brooke and Paige had been there things would have turned out differently.  Is it impossible for that woman to keep her mouth shut and be fat and happy…. She is already halfway there!  Ok.. now I’m getting mean, moving on.  Check out these behind the scene shots of the photo-shoot!

group 2

We also get to see JILL perform a ballroom number.  Abby flips out when the other moms run out on stage after the number and give her flowers.  She just keeps going on about how they are ruining her show and the schedule of events.  Don’t you think her precious schedule of events was already wrecked when Brooke and Paige weren’t there to perform.  Let alone I am positive that both their names and pictures were already printed in the recital program!  Awkward.


Some fun quick facts regarding the concert:
*It was held on June 16th
*The venue was Norwin High School Auditorium, North Huntingdon, PA
*Abby claims in the episode that there were 1,300 in attendance
*Tickets were available for sale on for $40 a seat
* 1,300 tickets x $40 = $52,000  Ka$ing Ka$ing Abby!


Things got REALLY interesting after the show on Twitter.  Stay posted the episode follow-up post is on the way!




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