Starbound presents The Dancers Care Foundation Benefit Competition


Today our favorite dancers are participating the Dancers Care Foundation Benefit Competition presented by Starbound.  This charity dance competition supports Breast Cancer awareness with 100% of the proceeds going to benefit the cause.  I can think of no better way for anyone to spend a Saturday.  Way to put your celebrity and dance skills to aid such a wonderful organization.


Dancers Care Foundation raises awareness and funds to help prevent cancer and ultimately find a cure. Our primary objective is to generate revenue to support medical research in the fight against cancer, with dancers and dance-related businesses at the forefront of giving. The result of our work provides funding to doctors and researchers for innovative clinical and genetic research. We rely on corporate sponsorship and united dance-community efforts to run our programs. We donate 100% of all funds raised, taking no administrative costs. Everyone involved volunteers their time and resources, making us a 100% true non-profit organization. Our Mission Dancers Care Foundation aims to represent the unified voice of the dance community by providing the most powerful, active awareness movement built by dancers and dance companies who are dedicated to our cause. Our Motto: “We All Need Someone” This motto is supported by the new song “A New Day.” Click here to download the song now, and a portion of the proceeds will immediately be donated to our cause. Who’s Involved Dancers Care Foundation was created and organized by dancers and dance-related companies who recognized the power to make an impact. By getting the community united around this cause, we can and will make a difference. The expansive dance community includes Dance Companies, Competitions, Dancewear Organizations, Dance Publications, Broadway, Cruise Ship Entertainment, Choreographers, Dance Moms and Dads, Conventions and Dance Studios, to name a few.

I hope Abby breaks with tradition and performs Living With the Ribbon.  It is such a wonderful dance and with such a powerful message.  If you want to support The Dancers Care Foundation you can visit their website at http:/ 


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  1. avatar Non Dance Mom says:

    What happened to getting this show recapped?

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