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Dance Moms Miami – Behind The Scenes Video

I like these type of videos, and will probably be posting more from both shows (even though Dance Moms season is over).  Editing really can only show so much in about 45 mins of airtime, so a lot of good stuff gets left on the cutting room floor.  Lifetime posts a lot of these videos to their site, and I’ll be watching them and posting what I feel are the interesting ones.

In this video, it’s what happens after Susan pulls Jessi from the dance class after she had her hissy fit about her daughter being on the bottom of the list.  Angel and Victor pull the remaining 4 to the side, explain the situation and encourage the children to push their mothers not to act that way. We often see kids on both shows getting pulled from their class from angry moms, so this shows a little of the after effect of that.

Dance Moms: Miami – Therapy Edition

dance moms miami therapy sessionWeek 2 of Dance Moms: Miami is in the books, and I’m not really sure what to make of it this week.  Personalities are starting to show a bit more, Angel is apparently more of a drama queen than I thought, and for some reason Hannah takes a ton of abuse.

Let’s talk about Susan first, as she was the driving force behind a lot of the drama tonight.  First, at the beginning of the episode, she had a hissy fit when she saw that Jessi was pushed to the bottom of the list due to the trophy incident last week.  After screaming at Debi (Hannah’s mother) for a bit, she pulled Jessi from the class and apparently in those few minutes, had a complete change of heart.  In the hallway, she demanded Jessi apologize and not act like that again, which is hard to do considering she’s watching her mother act in a worse behavior.

Then, right before the group dance number at the end, she walks up to Victor and says that Jessi is the best dancer in the class (in front of everyone), and asks for a last minute solo routine.  Seriously?   Look, I understand you want what’s best for your child, but putting her out there to potentially embarrass herself with a improvised dance is probably not the best thing for her.

Out of nowhere, Victor’s mother, I believe her name was Myra, started making more appearances and took over where Susan left off.  She kept praising Jessi and even gave Hannah a back-handed compliment by saying “.. even Hannah did well”, but didn’t understand what was wrong with that statement.  I’m going to say it now, hopefully less air time for Myra the better.

On to Angel…. the first few minutes of the episode, I was actually thinking how refreshing it was to watch Angel and Victor together. Both seem very professional, and while Angel comes off as kind of mean, it’s a respectful mean.  He knows what he wants, and is just blunt.. unlike Abby who knows what she wants too, but sounds awful trying to say it.   Out of nowhere, Angel starts acting all crazy and threatening to pull the entire group number, and yelling at Victor about random things.  He continues to talk about the “crazy moms”, but I think he may be a bit on the crazy side himself.

Finally, you have Hannah. As mentioned above, last week after the girls got the trophy for their group dance, Hannah returned back to the group to deal with Jessi pulling it away.  That’s fine and all, water under the bridge.  However, this week the Hannah bashing continued from really all sides.  You have Abby (Sammy’s mother) taking random shots, Victor’s mother, and then even Lucas’s mother at the end.  You don’t really notice the moms criticizing the girls dancing on the regular Dance Moms as you do them bashing each other (and Abby)… however, on this one, it appears nobody is off limits.

Anyway, to recap the rest of the episode…

  • Lucas and Kimmy were at the top of the list because of their duo last week.
  • Solo dances were awarded to Lucas, Sammy and Hannah.  They didn’t feel Kimmy was quite ready for a solo yet.
  • The group number was focused around Lucas and the girls playing as backup dancers to him.
  • Solo awards were as followed:  Sammy (1st), Lucas (2nd), Hannah (4th).
  • The group number finished 1st

Overall it was a good episode, I am starting to enjoy the show the more I get to know the characters, but tonight bothered me a little.  It was mostly the behavior of Victor’s mother and Angel, and hopefully we’ll see less of that in the future.

What did you think of the episode?

Dance Moms: Miami – In Like A Lion

Jessi and Susan Kennedy Dance Moms MiamiLike I posted in my Dance Moms finale thread, I was busy, so I know this recap on Dance Moms: Miami is super late, but it was worth it.  I have to say, where Dance Moms left off, Miami picked it up.  You have the talented dancers, obsessed Dance Moms, and extremely entertaining instructors.  In some ways, Miami topped Pittsburgh, especially in the instructor department.

I must say, it was refreshing to see teachers who don’t treat their students like kids lucky enough to be in their presence.  Don’t get me wrong, Abby Lee is a great teacher, but Victor and Angel prove you can be a great teacher while not having an ego as big as Miami’s nightlife.  Angel is the more stern teacher who watches from afar, similar to Abby, but doesn’t yell at anything that walks.  Victor is more of the relaxed, easy going choreographer who apparently is so dedicated, he still went to the competition despite puking before getting on a bus.  I am such a baby when it comes to that.  If I puke once, I’m cancelling anything I had planned for the next 2 weeks.

The mothers, let me use a word to easily describe them… FIERCE.  For what is missing with Abby Lees fire, the Miami moms easily make up for it.  Susan (pictured above) is super competitive Dance Mom who has her daughter Jessi working non stop to be a perfectionist. Apparently it is working because Jessi was top of the list heading into the week, and looked to stay on top with her solo at the Hollywood Vibe competition the team was headed to that weekend.  (Side note: Jessi’s grandmother Bertha still has some moves too!)

Abby Small was the newcomer to the group, as I mentioned in Sammy’s bio page. Apparently, she did have a history with Hannah’s mother, Debi, who didn’t appear to be very thrilled to see Abby walking through the door.  In fact, she threatened to walk out the back door if that happened, but I’m guessing they don’t have a back door because Debi wisely stayed.  I’m glad she did because her daughter, Hannah, seems like a super sweet girl who is the type that has the talent, but doesn’t take it as serious, so you won’t see her freaking out over minor things.

The final two mothers are from the duo pair of Kimmy and Lucas, who were put together to do the tango.  As far as the moms go, Ani (Kimmy’s mom) and Brigette (Lucas’s mom) didn’t have a very eventful episode.  That’s probably a good thing after the crazy arguments on display by Debi, Victor, and Susan (not all together). The tango moms had to watch in horror as Lucas was trying to hold Kimmy up, but pretty much dropped her in practice.  I think Lucas needs to start lifting the 10lb weights for next week!  Seriously though, both dancers were super cute and did fantastic in the competition.

The entire episode was pretty much geared around getting to know the dancers more, featuring little segments on each one and their personal lives.  That was pretty cool to see the ‘other’ side of each person.  It wasn’t an episode full of yelling, swearing and lawsuits.  I am looking forward to the rest of the season, and hope it lives up to the solid first episode.

Before I stop, here are the overall results from the Hollywood Vibe competition:

1st place duo – Lucas and Kimmy
2nd place teen solo – Jessi
1st place small group – All the dancers doing a Jazz / Funk routine

Well done, and I’ll hopefully be live tweeting the episode next week!

Meet The Dance Moms: Miami Cast

If you weren’t watching Dance Moms on DVR last night, you probably noticed the commercial for the new spin-off series, Dance Moms: Miami.  This show will take place at the Stars Dance Studio in Miami, FL and it is run by friends Angel Armas and Victor Smalley.

angel armas and victor smalley

Angel Armas and Victor Smalley

If Victor looks familiar, it’s because he was on So You Think You Can Dance season 6.  Other than that, I don’t really know if we’ll see the same type of teaching as Abby Lee, which could be refreshing or boring depending on your take on things.

About the dancers, this show will feature 4 girls and 1 boy and are all roughly the same age as the original Dance Moms dancers.  I assume the boy will actually be a regular dancer and not someone thrown in to lower the average age of the dance group (*cough* Candy Apples).  From what I understand, one of the dancers (Sammy Small) is actually from a different studio but will be on the show.  That’s kind of weird, so I’m not sure how that will work.  I’m guessing she’s going to be part of the dances like she’s from the studio, and not some weird Candy Apples side thing.

Here is the dancer list.. (I’m going to create a new post for each dancer so I don’t make this one too long, so keep checking for that)

Sammy Small
Jessica Kennedy
Kimberly Kopke
Hannah Epstein
Lucas Triana

I will update this post with links to the profiles for each dancer when I create them.

Dance Moms: Miami airs April 3rd at 10pm EST after Dance Moms.  Be sure to follow my facebook page or twitter page for more updates!

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